IPEEC-G20 Transport Task Group: release of new impact analysis

02 Feb 2017

The IPEEC-G20 Transport Task Group (TTG) has released a new briefing on the “Impacts of world class vehicle efficiency and emissions regulations in select G20 countries”.

The report, compiled for the TTG by the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT), found that, for conventional pollutants, implementing world-class emissions standards for light-duty vehicles (LDVs) and heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) in the six TTG member countries that have not yet implemented these standards could collectively reduce fine particle-related health impacts by two thirds and avoid 60,000 premature deaths in urban areas alone annually by 2030. The analysis further found that once world-class emissions standards are implemented across all G20 members, nearly 90% of new LDVs and HDVs sold worldwide would meet the standards, compared to about only half of new vehicles sold today. These standards will result in additional climate co-benefits by reducing emissions of black carbon, a component of fine particle emissions.

The significant climate and health benefits demonstrated by this analysis bolster the rationale for G20 countries to continue improvements in new vehicle efficiency and lower conventional pollutant emissions from LDVs and HDVs.

For the full report click here.