Industry currently accounts for around 36% of global final energy consumption and 24% of total CO2 emissions. Improving energy use in this sector can enhance industrial competitiveness while also supporting economic development, energy security, and greenhouse gas emissions abatement. Simple and cost-effective means for reducing energy use in the industrial sector include:

 The implementation of energy management systems such as the International Organization for
    Standardization 50001 energy management standard;
 The use of more efficient equipment, such as combined heat-and-power systems equipment
    and variable-speed-drive motors; and
 Efficient metering, monitoring, verification and automation of energy use points.

Energy Management Action Network (EMAK)

                                                                                      EMAK is a forum for discussing policy issues related to energy management and sharing the best practices of each country, region and industry.

Energy Management Working Group (EMWG)

                                                                                      EMWG is a work stream focusing on promoting the uptake of energy management systems in industry and commercial buildings.