Meeting of the G20 Transport Task Group

Date: 28-31 October 2019
JASIC Office, Shinjuku, Japan
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism of Japan in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Directorate-General for Climate action of the European Commission


Transforming the transportation sector is crucial for the success of the sustainable energy transition and the protection of public health. To support the G20 economies in achieving these objectives, the governments of Japan and the United States are working in partnership with the European Commission, the International Council on Clean Transportation, and the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation to enhance international cooperation on policies for clean and efficient heavy-duty vehicles and improve compliance of vehicle emissions with established regulations.

At the 2019 meeting of the G20 Transport Task Group, we will engage in a strategic discussion of the group’s activities and vision for the coming year. We will also take stock of the important progress made in improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of vehicles in G20 economies. Participation in this meeting is by invitation only and
will include representatives of G20 governments and
international organisations that participate in the Transport Task Group. We will begin these meetings on October 28, 2019.

The second and third days focus on transportation innovations, clean technologies, health and compliance. We will discuss updates to international best practices on mobile source emissions compliance and enforcement, technical and testing methods for in-use compliance, and policy approaches to improve in-use emissions performance. We will also examine regulations, innovative technologies, and the experiences from early adopters to transform their fleet to a more efficient one. Participation in these meetings is by invitation only. Invited participants will include environmental regulators, industry representatives, and international experts on transport.

More information to follow. 

The G20 Transport Task Group (TTG) was established by the G20 in 2014 to support the development and implementation of world-class policies that reduce the energy and environmental impacts of the transportation sector, especially heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). The TTG is led by the US EPA and DG CLIMA, implemented by the ICCT and the GFEI, and administered by IPEEC. Participation in the TTG is voluntary and open to all G20 economies.  Learn more.