The TOP TENs Task Group showcases the best available energy efficiency technologies and practices in use by businesses today in participating countries. Task group members do so by developing two types of lists: Top Ten Best Available Technologies (BAT) and Top Ten Best Practices (BP).

The aim of the lists is to show to businesses and policy makers the practical and scalable energy savings solutions currently available and to support the accelerated uptake of innovative energy savings solutions.

The BAT and BP lists feature leading energy savings approaches and include information and case studies on the technology or practice, and where and how they are used. Examples of technological solutions highlighted in the inaugural lists include co-generation, use of heat pumps and recovery of industrial waste heat. Practices include ‘just-in-time’ and zero energy office building activities amongst others.

Why does information sharing for energy efficiency?

Recent developments

Technical experts from member countries have developed the initial TOP TENs methodologies which have been used to assess a wide range of energy savings approaches in the industrial and buildings sectors. Criteria for the methodologies include, for example: energy savings potential; reliability; payback period and level of innovation.

The first round of members have developed their national TOP TENs BAT and BP lists. These include: China, Japan, Australia, the United States and France. The Task Group has also developed its inaugural International TOP TENs BAT and BP lists, which combine the lists of the initial member countries and highlights the wide range of opportunities in the industrial and buildings sectors around the world.

Future TOP TENs lists will cover other sectors, such as transport and public services. Members will select the sector or sectors they would like to feature and will collaborate on updating the methodologies for each new sector. The Task Group will also look at developing new International BAT and BP lists. TOP TENs welcomes new public-private partnerships to enable joint research on optimizing methodologies, facilitating the dissemination of the TOP TENs lists, and improving market uptake of BATs and BPs.

 The latest publications for this task group can be found on the Publications page.


Leading members: Australia and China.
Participating members: Canada, France, Japan, Republic of Korea and the United States.

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