IPEEC-G20 report: Advancing energy efficiency in G20 economies

10 Sep 2018

Energy efficiency is a priority for G20 economies, which recognise its many economic, social and environmental benefits, as well as its significant potential to help them achieve their energy goals while minimising their costs.

The G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP), launched by the Chinese G20 Presidency in 2016, is a testament to G20 governments’ strong dedication to working on energy efficiency matters, building on efforts to progress collaborative energy efficiency activities dating back to the G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan introduced in 2014.

The Advancing energy efficiency in the G20 economies report, released by IPEEC and the G20 Presidency in June 2018, presents a comprehensive picture of the work realised under the EELP. The report highlights the most recent and impactful activities of the Task Groups coordinated by IPEEC. It also provides an implementation update for all nine Task Groups containing hard evidence of successful activities and programmes. The report additionally outlines the potential for new collaborative efforts focusing on behaviour change and energy efficiency, which would further improve the scope of the EELP and enhance Task Groups’ work.

Read the full report here.

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