Launch of IPEEC's Annual Report 2017

05 Feb 2018

In 2017, international energy efficiency cooperation made significant strides at IPEEC. The partnership’s key achievements are outlined in a new edition of its annual report, Supporting energy efficiency progress in major economies: Annual Report 2017, released today.

“Countries need to keep driving energy efficiency forward, especially the world’s major economies. International collaboration can help them do so more quickly and effectively,” said IPEEC Executive Director Benoit Lebot. “The annual report illustrates what governments can achieve when they work together. I am very pleased to share this new publication with the IPEEC community and beyond. ”

The past year saw IPEEC enter a new phase of collaboration. Its membership expanded to 17 economies with the accession of Argentina in March 2017. Country-led task groups consolidated and reinforced their activities to progress energy efficiency in key areas: appliances and equipment, buildings, industrial energy management, electricity generation, transport, finance and data. Their accomplishments were presented to the G20 under the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme – the forum’s long-term framework for energy efficiency cooperation. Throughout the year, IPEEC also enhanced dialogue with international organisations to explore opportunities for greater synergies and to strengthen the collective impact of energy efficiency collaboration.

“We look forward to cooperating with countries, the G20 Presidency and the international community in 2018,” stated Mr. Lebot. “Through continued cooperation we can come closer to fulfilling energy efficiency’s large potential and achieving a low-carbon future.”

Click to download the Annual Report and Executive Summary