Out now! New IPEEC report on Energy Efficiency Networks in industry

11 Jul 2017

IPEEC has launched its latest report on Energy Efficiency Networks: Towards good practices and guidelines for effective policies to stimulate energy efficiency. The publication concludes over a year of work on energy efficiency networks (EENs) launched by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and conducted by IPEEC. This involved a preliminary report on energy efficiency networks, released in May 2016, and a joint BMWi-IPEEC international workshop held in Berlin, Germany, in September 2016.

Energy efficiency networks are business-to-business platforms that bring companies from the same region, sector, supply-chain or corporate group together to exchange experiences and collectively undertake steps to improve energy efficiency. By allowing greater communication and knowledge- and resource-pooling, EENs help overcome many of the barriers to energy efficiency encountered by industry, including: lack of specific information and market overview, insufficient communication, high transaction costs, and set decision-making routines and priorities.

The new report outlines key findings on the benefits of energy efficiency networks, their challenges and elements for success, and provides a toolkit for policymakers and industry on how to increase the uptake of energy efficiency networks. It also includes case studies from over seven countries, highlighting how EENs can be applied in different contexts.  

To download the report, click here.

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