2nd Moroccan Energy Efficiency Forum to be held in Casablanca on 9 March

07 Mar 2017

The 2nd Energy Efficiency Forum in Morocco will take place on 9 March in Casablanca, following the success of the first forum in February 2016. Organised by AOB Group, in partnership with IPEEC, CGEM, L’AMEE and other international and national institutions, the event will focus on energy efficiency in the Mediterranean region, with a particular emphasis on finance, buildings and industry. Participants will include experts and representatives from the banking, manufacturing and private sectors.

IPEEC Executive Director Mr. Benoit Lebot will give a keynote speech on the state of global energy efficiency deployment, drawing on the important work being undertaken by national governments and international organisations, for example through the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme. Mr. Lebot will also moderate a roundtable on “Energy Efficiency Gains in Industry” which will include discussions on energy management and the ISO 50001 standard, a core work area of IPEEC’s Energy Management Working Group (EMWG).

The forum will be held as an official COP22 event and demonstrates Morocco’s strengthening commitment to energy efficiency and the low-carbon energy transition.