Germany begins its 2017 G20 presidency

01 Dec 2016


Paris, France, 1 December 2016 – Germany begins its year-long presidency of the G20 today. Coming a year after the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21, this year’s G20 will focus on the development of the energy sector in line with the climate accord.

German State Secretary for Energy, Mr. Rainer Baake, presented Germany’s clear and ambitious plan for the 2017 G20 at the G20 Energy Ministers’ Meeting on 30 June in Beijing, China. In addition to continuing the implementation of previous G20 commitments, including on energy efficiency, the G20 Energy Agenda 2017 will bring the following issues to the table:

  • Setting the framework for investments in low-/zero-carbon energy technologies, particularly efficiency and renewables;
  • Economic benefits of early, forward-looking action; and
  • Avoiding lock-in effects/stranded assets in electricity, heating/cooling, buildings, industry and transport sectors.

The agenda builds on the outcomes of the 2016 G20 presidency of China, which worked hard to position energy efficiency as a long-term priority for the group. Key to this end was the adoption of the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP) by G20 Leaders in September 2016. The EELP is the first long-term energy efficiency framework for the G20, and sets the scene for strengthened international collaboration in 2017 and beyond. IPEEC acts as the key coordinating agency for the EELP, supporting the implementation of activities under the program’s sectoral and cross-sectoral work areas.

The first energy event of the German presidency will be a meeting of the G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group (ESWG), which will take place on 14-15 December in Munich. It will be preceded by a workshop on “Energy Policy after the Paris Climate Agreement” on 13 December. IPEEC will be present at both and looks forward to contributing to a new year of G20 dialogue and cooperation on energy efficiency.


More information on IPEEC’s G20 activities here.

IPEEC, established in 2009 at the Group of 8 (G8) Summit in L’Aquila, Italy, is an autonomous international forum that aims to provide global leadership in energy efficiency by identifying and facilitating the implementation of public policies and programmes in this area. The IPEEC Secretariat is hosted at the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris.