New BEET report on Energy Company Obligations today

06 Nov 2019

IPEEC’s Buildings Energy Efficiency Task Group (BEET) has just released a new report on Energy Company Obligations: Examples of delivering energy efficiency in buildings and future trends (BEET 8 report).

The publication is the eighth in series of reports issued by the task group that have covered topics including building energy performance metrics, international residential building energy efficiency rating schemes, regulatory policies for existing building energy efficiency renovations, and definitions and policy activity for zero energy buildings. The new BEET 8 focuses on the role that market-based instruments play in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and analyses energy company obligations in over 20 countries. The report also gathers city-level experiences in delivering energy savings through energy company-funded programmes while introducing future trends via technological upgrades and policy innovation. It is a valuable addition to the BEET series toolbox for policy makers, experts and other stakeholders. Engage with the report here.

An introductory webinar to BEET 8 was held to mark the launch of the report.

Access the recording here.

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About BEET
The Buildings Energy Efficiency Task Group (BEET) is a collaborative platform for countries to research, inform and support the development and implementation of effective building energy efficiency policies, with a core focus on building rating systems and building codes. The policy choices of BEET members can have a large impact on the growing energy consumption as they represent over three-fourths of cumulative global buildings energy savings potential.