IPEEC-G20 report: Accelerating Energy Efficiency Progress in G20 Economies launched!

18 Jun 2019

Under the G20 Presidency of Japan, G20 economies have continued their joint efforts to reveal the many benefits of energy efficiency to the world.  They have focused their work on sustainable energy; working towards a transition towards innovative, flexible, transparent and cleaner energy systems.

The Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP) developed in 2016, continues to be implemented with much enthusiasm as one of the main platforms for energy efficiency and international cooperation; with a focus on priority areas such as buildings, industry, transport, appliances and cross sectoral areas such as finance.

The latest IPEEC-G20 report, Accelerating Energy Efficiency Progress in G20 Economies, submitted by IPEEC to the G20 Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG), presents an update on the EELP and an overview of the technical work carried out during the year. The report presents the latest activities and programmes of the task groups, along with updates on initiatives under development such as the District Energy Systems (DES) and the Energy Efficiency Knowledge Sharing Frameworks (KSF).

IPEEC’s Executive Director, Benoit Lebot, presented the report to G20 Energy and Environment Ministers at their Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth, which took place on 15-16 June in Karuizawa, Japan.

A first draft report was presented to the G20 ETWG; Energy Transitions Working Group. This final report incorporates feedback and comments submitted by the G20 membership and was shared with the ETWG members. The final report is cited in “Proposed documents for the Japanese Presidency of the G20” was distributed to the G20 Energy Ministers, who convened in Karuizawa on 15-16 June 2019.

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IPEEC, established in 2009 at the Group of 8 (G8) Summit in L’Aquila, Italy, is an autonomous international forum that aims to provide global leadership in energy efficiency by identifying and facilitating the implementation of public policies and programmes in this area. The IPEEC Secretariat is hosted at the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris.