TOP TENs releases second round of international list of energy efficiency Best Available Technologies (BATs) and Best Practices (BPs)

12 Jun 2019

12 June, 2019

Energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements form the fundamental crux of strengthening energy security, optimising energy supply thereby improving environmental quality.  Member countries have responded to these challenges with the creation of the Top Ten Energy Efficiency Best Practices and Best Available Technologies Task Group (TOP TENs), a platform that identifies, showcases and promotes the best available energy efficiency technologies and practices for select sectors. An Australia and China –led Task Group, TOP TENs develops domestic and international lists of Top Ten Best Practices (BP) and Top Ten Best Available Technologies (BAT).

Since its formation in 2013, TOP TENs has published two rounds of domestic and international lists that aim to help policy makers and businesses make informed decisions regarding the deployment of energy saving solutions that are practical, cost-effective and scalable.

In 2015, the first round of the TOP TENs list was released. This led to the widespread attention and positive response among the international community and facilitated bilateral and multilateral energy efficiency cooperation and technology exchange. In 2016, TOP TENs was positioned as one of the G20’s key areas of collaboration on energy efficiency under the Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP). In 2017, the second round of TOP TENs evaluation was launched.

In 2019, TOP TENs officially launches the second round of international lists, which gather the top technologies and innovative approaches from the domestic lists. This year, China and Japan participated in both the Best Available Technologies (BATs) and Best Practices (BPs) of the industrial and building sectors. France participated in the BAT and BP of the industrial sector. The United States participated in the BAT of the building sector.

TOP TENs’ collaborative working style highlights the spirit of mutual benefit, innovation, inclusiveness and sharing, the member countries will learn and exchange from each other to promote innovative energy efficient technologies and management experience, thereby accelerating international energy efficiency cooperation with strongly aligned efforts.

The lists can be consulted here.

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TOP TENs is a collaborative platform to enhance multilateral cooperation among G20 economies for identifying and sharing energy efficiency best practices (BPs) and best available technologies (BATs).