IPEEC’s Activity Report 2009-19 is now available!

01 Mar 2019

2019 is an important year for IPEEC, as it celebrates ten years of accelerating international collaboration on energy efficiency matters since its creation in 2009.

To mark this milestone, IPEEC has launched a new report, Advancing energy efficiency on the global agenda: Activity Report 2009-19, which outlines how energy efficiency has evolved in the last decade, IPEEC’s key achievements over the past year, and the ambitions and challenges for the future.

“For energy efficiency to become the first fuel, we need to fuel it first,” states IPEEC’s Executive Director, Benoit Lebot. The past ten years saw IPEEC’s contribution in raising the profile of energy efficiency at the international level through encouragement of voluntary collaboration between member countries, development of strong networks with international organisations, and implementation of concrete Task Group activities that tackle energy challenges across key sectors, under the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP).

To support the energy transition, the report presents innovative thinking on how best to capture the full potential of energy efficiency in the future and highlights four crucial areas that require enhanced action: investment, data collection for decision-making, market creation and international collaboration.

“IPEEC looks forward to continue working closely with its member countries, the G20 Presidency and the international community in 2019 to achieve climate and sustainable development goals,” said Mr. Lebot, “I invite you to read and share this new publication and to join the conversation on international energy efficiency cooperation. Click to read the latest                                                                                            Activity Report here.

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