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Join IPEEC at COP22! Two side-events on energy efficiency

19 Oct 2016

The next United Nations climate conference (COP22) will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, on 7th -18th  November 2016. IPEEC will be present and ready to spur the international debate on energy efficiency with two side events on 10th and 12th November. 

G20 EELP product Best Practice Policy Exchange Forum - Ottawa, Canada

10 Oct 2016

This forum will provide a deeper understanding of recent developments in Appliance and Equipment Standards and Labelling policy. This highly interactive day will include a range of brief presentations from key government experts designed to kick-off a discussion about the issues raised.

Save the date for SEAD’s Policy Exchange Forum

07 Oct 2016

On October 27th at 12 :00 UTC, IPEEC’s Task Group SEAD will host a webinar on the Role of Appliance Efficiency Programmes in Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. This event is organized as part of the G20 “Energy Efficiency Leading Programme Product Best Practice Policy Exchange Series” in collaboration with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E) Technology Collaboration Programme. The webinar is open to attendees from government, industry and civil society.

Appliance and equipment energy policies for a connected world - Ottawa, Canada

21 Sep 2016

The energy consumption of networked devices is increasing at double the rate of total electricity consumption, however much of that consumption could be reduced through improved energy efficiency and energy management. At the same time, efficient networks and networked devices have the potential to substantially raise the overall energy productivity of economies, through their deployment in buildings, transport and industrial systems.

G20 Leaders show strong support for energy efficiency at Hangzhou Summit

13 Sep 2016

Paris, France, 13 September - Leaders of the world’s twenty largest economies gave strong support for energy efficiency early last week at the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, China. In their communiqué, the heads of state stressed the need for countries to “significantly improve energy efficiency” and endorsed the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP), which is the first long-term framework for energy efficiency in the G20.

The National Energy Efficiency Conference 2016

09 Sep 2016

On November 15-16, the Australian Energy Efficiency Council will be hosting the National Energy Efficiency Conference in Sydney, Australia. The conference will offer policy debates, technical sessions, workshops and case. For more information of the eight edition of this event please visit:

G20 Leaders endorse the Energy Efficiency Leading Programme, led by IPEEC

09 Sep 2016

On September 4 in Hangzhou China, the G20 Head of States endorsed the Energy Efficiency Leading Programme (EELP).

IPEEC featured in first issue of Moroccan energy efficiency magazine

02 Sep 2016

On 2 February 2016, IPEEC Executive Director Mr Benoît Lebot attended a conference in Casablanca aimed at exploring energy efficiency in Morocco and the Mediterranean region. Following this event, and in view of the COP22 climate conference that will take place this November in Marrakech, a new magazine has been released dedicated to energy efficiency.