Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG) Connected Devices Alliance (CDA)

Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG) Connected Devices Alliance (CDA)

The Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG) is a platform for international cooperation between governments, experts and industry to develop innovative solutions to the challenge of increasing energy consumption by networked devices. To widen the reach to the industry sector, this group conceived the Connected Devices Alliance (CDA), which consists of more than 350 governments and industry participants that have come together to work on the energy efficiency opportunities provided by connected devices. Read more


Leading members: United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, with the support of the International Energy Agency

Participants: Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.

Networked Devices Task Group (NDTG) Connected Devices Alliance (CDA)

Recent developments

Current activities

Throughout 2018, the CDA encouraged international collaboration on connected devices through:

  • Organising an industry/government workshop in Sweden, with the IEA 4E TCP, to study the potential for policies that could lead to connected devices using zero energy to maintain network connectivity.
  • Promoting the CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices.
  • Expanding the CDA Centre of Excellence, an online library that provides free access to in-depth, expert papers on ways to develop energy-efficient smart devices.
  • Significant input to several IEA 4E TCP technical reports concerning energy use of connected devices.
  • Contribution to the 2018 IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report.
  • Regularly distributing newsletters to the >350 CDA membership base, outlining the work of the CDA and the IEA 4E TCP.


During the past years, the CDA has successfully encouraged globally coordinated action on connected devices through:

  • Promotion of the CDA Voluntary Principles for Energy Efficient Connected Devices, which provides valuable guidance and a common understanding for policy-makers and industry on key elements of energy-efficient connected devices;
  • Expansion of the CDA Centre of Excellence, an online publications library that provides an accessible source of information on best practices and energy savings opportunities in networked devices and the network;
  • Organisation of G20 Networked Devices Workshops to shape recommendations to G20 members on connected devices; and
  • Contributions to CEM Roundtable discussions in 2017 on the “Digitalisation of the Energy Sector to Enhance Energy Productivity and Renewables Integration”.

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