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Webinar on ‘ Technology status and cost-competitiveness of zero-emission vehicles'

02 May 2019

Mark your calendars to attend the Transport Task Group’s second webinar on zero-emission vehicles on 8 May from 16:00-17:30 CET. We will present recent developments in battery prices, range, and model availability, which are leading to ZEVs becoming increasingly competitive with internal combustion engine vehicles. Cost competitiveness will come at different times for certain market segments and regions based on energy prices and use cases.

We will discuss opportunities to accelerate the introduction of ZEVs particularly in cost-competitive applications such as public buses and other high-utilisation fleets. We will address the differentiated roles that national, state, and local governments can play to accelerate deployment of ZEVs, particularly zero-emission buses.

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The webinar will also be recorded and made available here.

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The G20 Transport Task Group (TTG) was established by the G20 in 2014 to support the development and implementation of world-class policies that reduce the energy and environmental impacts of the transportation sector, especially heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). The TTG is led by the US EPA and DG CLIMA, implemented by the ICCT and the GFEI, and administered by IPEEC. Participation in the TTG is voluntary and open to all G20 economies.