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SEAD Policy Exchange Forum - Efficient Electric Motors and Motor Systems

01 Apr 2019

This SEAD Policy Exchange Forum will explore the different challenges and requirements to build an effective programme to promote energy efficient electric motors. Participants will learn about electric motors technology, approaches and challenges to electric motor regulation, the challenges and requirements for electric motor efficiency testing, and more about the GMEE programme and how it can help solve the challenges of motors regulation. Co-host of this forum, the 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA), will provide an overview of motors technology, international standards and current national regulations, and benefits and challenges of regulating motors. Following this, three case studies presentations will highlight regional and global experiences and approaches to motor regulation.

The first case study, presented by the European Commission, will share lessons learned and challenges to developing energy efficiency policies and setting MEPS levels for electric motors. The Laboratory for Electrical Machines and Drive Systems at Bern University of Applied Sciences will then provide an overview of the infrastructure requirements and methodology of efficiency measurements of electrical machines. The third case study, from the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association, will present an overview of the GMEE programme and discuss its opportunities and benefits. Presenters will address questions such as:

  • What are the major barriers and challenges in regulating motors energy efficiency? 
  • How can countries use policy tools and incentive programmes to promote the adoption of high-efficiency motors, motor driven units (MDUs), and motor systems?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for potential emissions reductions within motor driven systems? What could help to achieve these opportunities?
  • Who are the agents of change (e.g. national governments, international and professional organisations, manufacturers)?
  • What are the lessons learned from your country or region’s experience? 


Webinar participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their perspectives and lessons learned, and engage in discussions with policy makers and experts from around the globe. The webinar will take place on 2 April 14:00-16:00 CET.

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