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China Energy Efficiency Report- Advancing energy efficiency through a holistic approach

07 Dec 2018

China, as the world’s major energy producer and the largest energy consumer, is taking the lead to improve energy efficiency. Effectively managing energy demand is central to China’s economic development agenda and its efforts to achieve the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development goals.


New National Energy Efficiency Plan will bring Turkey USD 30.2 billion in energy savings by 2033

28 Sep 2018

Turkey announced new National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) for the 2017-2023 period in January 2018. The NEEAP closely follows the policies and practices of the European Union in the area of energy efficiency. It examines Turkey’s domestic energy and natural resources to encourage Turkey to be more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources stated that this plan includes USD 10.9 billion of planned investment. It will help the country reduce 14 per cent of primary energy consumption, which accounts for 23.9 million tonnes of oil equivalent by 2023 and will save around USD 30.2 billion by 2033[1].

Invented there, useful here

28 Sep 2018

An energy efficiency toolbox would facilitate experience sharing on implementation of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive article 7


Behaviour change for energy efficiency: Opportunities for international cooperation in the G20 and beyond

28 Sep 2018

The Argentinian Ministry of Energy (MEN), the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) convened a one-day scoping workshop on ‘Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency: Opportunities for International Cooperation in the G20 and beyond’ on 12 September 2018 in Paris. This event invited participants from IPEEC, IEA and G20 economies – as well as other IOs, research organisations, and advocacy bodies working in this field to discuss how behavioural science can strengthen energy efficiency policies, and to share country-specific experiences in addressing the related challenges and solutions across economic sectors.