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Energy Efficiency - China’s “first fuel” lighting up a sustainable pathway

11 Feb 2019

The Paris Agreement brought the world to an unprecedented consensus to achieve ambitious climate goals. As a fast-growing emerging economy and the world’s largest player in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, China is facing the challenge of balancing economic and social development versus addressing the challenges of energy and climate change.



Shifting from Experience Driven to Data Driven to achieve Energy Efficiency

20 Dec 2018

In recent years, China’s fast growing economy has been closely linked to its rapid urbanisation. More than half of the population live in urban areas and this number only keeps growing. As a result, energy usage has shot up due to the increasing number of buildings, factories, industrial and high-tech parks. Public and commercial buildings and energy-intensive industries currently account for more than 60% of the country’s total energy consumption.

Scaling up finance for building energy efficiency and green buildings in China

19 Dec 2018

In the last decade, the Chinese Government has implemented multiple policies to promote building energy efficiency and green buildings, which is an imperative for sustainable development. Public financing, among others, provides a major incentive for various actors to improve building energy performance and construct green buildings.

Efficiency is the energy of the present and the future

19 Dec 2018

The world needs energy efficiency, now more than ever. Energy efficiency has a critical role to play for the climate, sustainable development and human prosperity.

The Low Energy Demand Scenario of the IPCC report released in 2018 (referred as P1), is the most plausible and affordable scenario to achieve the Paris Agreement. According to this scenario, managing and reducing energy demand on the global scene through energy efficiency is vital as it generates multiple benefits, beyond the much needed greenhouse gases reductions.