The Conference of the Parties (COP24) is starting 2 December in Katowice, Poland.

Events organised by IPEEC


Energy efficiency, first source of climate change mitigation (Event in French)*

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy efficiency is key to achieving a sustainable energy network in the future. In non-OECD countries, energy demand has increased by 80 % since 2000 and energy intensity is 2.5 times higher in 2016 compared to 2000. Energy efficiency is the one action which will contribute the most to achieving the 2 degrees scenario, mitigating climate change.

Date: Thursday 6 December
11:00-12 :30
Organisers: ADEME/U4E - IPEEC
Location: International Conference Center (MCK**), Francophonie Pavilion, COP24 site.

Achieving decarbonisation in the buildings sector: National strategies, financing and best practices*

The world urgently requires a transition towards a zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings sector, but how can this be achieved? In this session, speakers from government and leading international organisations will look at the current status of the global buildings sector, the policy and investment needs to achieve national building transition strategies, and the best practices to implement them.

Date: Friday 7 December
Organiser: IPEEC-Global ABC
International Conference Center (MCK**), French Pavilion, COP24 site.

Public finance for low-carbon transitions: Changing paradigms, policies and practices in Europe and the G20*

This event will examine how public financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) can demonstrate leadership in the public finance community to deliver the Paris Agreement and assess the progress achieved in the implementation of policies and financial mechanisms for more energy efficiency investments in Europe and G20 economies, drawing on the work of the Big Shift Global Campaign and the G20 Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group. Download the event flyer.  Learn more. 

Monday 10 December
: 14:00-15:00
Organiser: IPEEC, UNEP FI, Christian Aid and Big Shift Global Campaign
Location: International Conference Center (MCK**), EU Pavilion, COP24 site.

Events associated with IPEEC


NDCs to unlock the potential of buildings and construction sector

Date: Thursday 6 December
Organisers: Human Settlements Day/Global ABC
Location: Uniwersytet Śląski, Bankowa 12, Katowice 40-007, Poland.

Launch of Global Status Report 2018*

Date:Friday 7 December
: 9:15-9:45
Organiser: Global ABC
Location: International Conference Center (MCK**), COP24 site.

Together towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector*

Date:Tuesday 11 December
OrganiserGlobal ABC-PEEB
International Conference Center (MCK**), COP24 site.

Access the COP24 energy efficiency magazine here.

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 * Accreditation required to attend
** International Congress Center (MCK) plac Sławika i Antalla 1, 40-166 Katowice, Poland