IPEEC committee chairs

Policy Committee Chair – Dr.Tudor Constantinescu 
As the current Chair of the IPEEC Policy Committee, Dr. Constantinescu oversees the overall strategic development of IPEEC. Dr. Constantinescu is the Principal Adviser to the Director General for Energy in the European Commission. He previously set up as founding Executive Director the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPI Europe), and was the president of the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation (ARCE).

Executive Committee Chair – Mrs. Kaili Levesque
Mrs. Levesque chairs the Executive Committee of IPEEC, which is responsible for managing the activities of the IPEEC Secretariat and the partnership through IPEEC task groups. Mrs. Levesque is the Senior Director of Demand Policy and Analysis at the Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada. Prior to her current role, she worked on a range of regulatory, economic and social issues, and brings a wealth of experience in policy development and management to IPEEC.

IPEEC Secretariat

Executive Director – Mr. Benoît Lebot
With over 20 years’ experience in energy efficiency, Benoit brings invaluable expertise to the IPEEC Secretariat. During his extensive career he has worked for the French National Energy and Environmental Agency (ADEME), the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Having joined IPEEC in March 2014, Benoit supports IPEEC member states in further elevating energy efficiency on the international policy agenda and assists them in the implementation of their work streams. Follow Benoit on Twitter.

Deputy Head of Secretariat - Ms. Jurei Yada 
Jurei conducts IPEEC’s strategic and political analysis and advises on IPEEC’s international engagement, including with the G20. In addition to supporting the coordination of Task Groups and the implementation of the G20’s energy efficiency plans, Jurei assists the Executive Director in managing the Secretariat’s daily activities and operations. Raised in a multicultural environment, she comes from a research background in international politics and speaks five languages. Follow Jurei on Twitter.

Policy Analyst - Ms. Hao Wu
Hao is a Chinese national with a background in international development concentrating on energy. Prior to joining IPEEC, Hao worked at UN Environment on climate change, specifically on the market transformation of energy efficient appliances and equipment in emerging and developing economies. Hao supports various activities at IPEEC, including the coordination of Task Groups, the management of partnerships and the implementation of IPEEC’s communications plan. Follow Hao on Twitter.

Policy Analyst - Ms. Rashmi Jawahar Ganesh
Rashmi assists with the implementation of the G20 Energy Efficiency Leading Programme, in particular the work streams on transport, appliances and monitoring methods. Alongside engaging with member governments and establishing partnerships for IPEEC, she oversees IPEEC’s strategic communications. Rashmi brings valuable experience working with countries to advance their clean energy transition. Most recently, Rashmi has worked with UN Environment to facilitate knowledge exchange, policy development, and joint action on issues related to promoting environmentally sound technologies. Earlier, Rashmi worked closely with the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st century (REN21). Rashmi is an Indian national. Follow Rashmi on Twitter.

Assistant - Ms. Dalila Montes
Dalila leads the administration front of the IPEEC Secretariat and assists with day-to-day tasks and the organisation of IPEEC’s meetings. As a French and Spanish national, Dalila brings her Spanish linguistic skills to the IPEEC team. Before joining IPEEC, she worked at an international investment bank and the French Bone Marrow Donor Registry.