Spotlight on: Proposed G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit

19 Dec 2016
G20 countries, based on their individual national circumstances, can upscale and enhance investments in energy efficiency significantly, and mutually benefit from sharing their good practices with each other.

Building on the EEFTG’s engagement with policy makers and financial institutions to date, the G20 Energy Efficiency Investment Toolkit has been developed as a set of voluntary options to upscale energy efficiency in G20 economies. These options together present an integrated and sustainable approach towards enhancing capital flows to energy efficiency.

Framed within the context of current energy efficiency investment levels and cost developments of energy efficiency technologies, the toolkit will provide options and recommendations for action by three stakeholder groups that are key to successfully enhancing capital flows to energy efficiency. For this purpose, the toolkit will present:
  • For policy makers: good practices exchanges on (i) enabling national policy framework design and (ii) implementation of the voluntary energy efficiency investment principles for G20 participating countries;
  • For private financial institutions: survey and development of “best in class” instruments and approaches to encourage and increase energy efficiency investments among different types of private sector financial institutions (bank, asset manager and insurance company); and
  • For public financial institutions: –consensus-building among public banks and development institutions around best instruments and approaches to up-scaling their energy efficiency activities.
The development of the toolkit has been supported by IPEEC and the IEA, with the input and active collaboration of UNEP FI and other international organizations.