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Energy efficiency indicators in Latin America and beyond: The work of the IPEEI Task Group

28 Sep 2017

Reliable data and consistent indicators are the underlying foundation for all policy-making. For energy efficiency, indicators and data are crucial to determine benchmarks for standards, evaluate opportunities for investment, monitor energy consumption trends and assess policy impacts, to name just a few areas. Yet currently there is a shortage of end-use data, in part due to a lack of standardised collection protocols and indicators used.

Importance of states’ participation in realising India’s energy efficiency ambitions: ...

28 Sep 2017

India is currently one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. It is also the third largest energy consumer globally, with 514.71 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) consumed in 2014 - more than 70% of which is supplied by fossil sources. Rising energy demand naturally puts enormous pressure on a country’s resources and impacts the local, national and global environment. This in turn necessitates a decoupling of economic growth and energy demand.

Inclusiveness, innovation and cooperation: An interview on energy efficiency in Mexico with Santiago Creuheras Diaz

28 Sep 2017

Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. All is only ever transformed. What an incredibly propelling force, from Newton to Einstein, energy and its understanding and management has been the primary focus of science in order to allow mankind to go even further than what we thought was possible.

What’s new? Latest energy efficiency developments in Brazil

28 Sep 2017

Over the past ten years, Brazil has emerged as one of the world’s largest energy consumers and fastest growing economies. Its primary energy consumption nearly doubled in the last decade, due in large part to its booming industry and vast population of more than 207 million people.