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Webinar on ‘Consumer perspectives and policy incentives for zero-emission vehicles transportation’  

01 Apr 2019

Mark your calendars to attend the Transport Task Group’s webinar on April 11 17:00-18:30 CET. This is the first of a webinar series focused on supporting the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in G20 economies. We will have presenters from the ICCT and ACEEE. We will start by addressing the reasons consumers choose or choose not to buy ZEVs, covering topics such as consumer mindset, awareness, decision-making, sensitivity to price, range requirements, vehicle utilisation, and other factors. We will then discuss how governments are utilising monetary and non-monetary incentives to bring about the conditions for ZEV uptake. We will address the role of these incentives and the appropriate timescale in supporting the transition to ZEVs for various applications. We will cover topics such as tax incentives and rebates for the purchase of vehicles and chargers, discounted parking and tolls, special access to parking and roadways, ZEV mandates, fleet policies, low emission zones, and other policies.

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The Transport Task Group is a collaborative platform to identify and exchange best practices among G20 countries on the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency and emission control measures in the transport sector. To keep updated with the work of the TTG, please visit the webpage here.